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Cash Wise forced to temporarily close Monday morning due to water main break

Yellow tape and stacked carts block the entrance Monday morning to Cash Wise in Willmar when the store was closed temporarily due to a water main break. The store reopened Monday afternoon. The cause of the break was not yet known. (Tribune photo by Kyle Rozendaal)

By Kyle Rozendaal

WILLMAR — A water main broke inside Cash Wise on Monday morning, flooding the video-rental section of the grocery store and closing the store temporarily.

The store’s water main was shut off to prevent further flooding.

Willmar’s fire chief closed the store due to water being unavailable for the fire suppression system and Cash Wise employees had to turn patrons away at the doors Monday morning, according to Rebecca Kurowski, communications manager at parent company Coborn’s Inc. in St. Cloud.

Cleanup crews could be seen working at the store Monday to clean the mess made by the flooding. Since there was no flooding in the grocery sections of the store, food safety and sanitation was not an issue.  

Cash Wise manager Chad Primus said later Monday that Willmar’s fire marshal had given his approval for the store to reopen around 1 p.m. after a solution to the fire suppression system was in place.

Cash Wise will remain open for regular hours while the video-rental section carpets are being shampooed and cleaned this week. The video-rental area is expected to open for regular business again on Friday.

The cause behind the water main breaking is still unknown. Utility crews will resume work today and should be able to diagnose the problem before the day is over, Primus said.