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Local woman’s appearance on ‘Price Is Right’ to air Thursday

Linda Marshall, of Atwater, bought tickets to be a member of the audience recently for “The Price Is Right” television game show and was selected as a contestant. The episode is scheduled to air Thursday on CBS. (Submitted photo courtesy of Linda Marshall)

By Kyle Rozendaal

ATWATER — Linda Marshall did not try out for “The Price Is Right” to win prizes or for the fame of being on national television. Rather, she said she tried out for her parents’ favorite game show to fulfill an item on her 90-year-old mother’s bucket list.

That item can now be checked off the list as Marshall’s appearance on the popular game show is set to air Thursday.

“It was a wonderful experience,” said Marshall in a recent interview. “The studio audience was amazing. Everyone is so interested in learning each other’s stories and the entire audience is so supportive because they just want to see someone win something big.”

Marshall is unable to reveal what game she played or what she may or may not have won, but viewers can tune in at 10 a.m. Thursday on CBS to see how the Minnesota contestant fared.

According to Marshall, her parents, Glenn and Betty Stranberg, watch the show every day and are extremely excited to her on the show.

She grew up on a farm near Atwater and attended college in Marshall at Southwest Minnesota State University. She now works as a travel director while also living part time in Atwater to help care for her parents.

Marshall said her mother had always dreamed of being a contestant on a game show. Four years ago, Marshall and her mother tried out for a contest to get on “The Price Is Right,” won and were asked to attend the show. Her mother decided that she would be unable to leave her 96-year-old husband alone but that Marshall should go in her place.

Marshall only made it into the studio audience and not onto the stage, which was a huge disappointment for Marshall and her parents, she said.

However, this year Marshall had a business trip to Anaheim, California, and decided to go out a few days early, buy a “Price Is Right” studio audience ticket in advance and try out to be a contestant the day of the show. Marshall was selected to be one of the contestants and proceeded far enough to play a game on stage with host Drew Carey.

Marshall has never done anything like “The Price Is Right” in the past, but after doing it once, she said she would encourage anyone to try it.

“Even with all the cameras and people there, I wasn’t nervous to be on stage at all,” said Marshall. “Drew Carey makes you feel so comfortable on stage that you don’t even think about the cameras.”