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Snow totals for the area on the rise, but way off the record

Osael Flores shovels a sidewalk outside a bus-iness Monday on Fourth Street in Willmar. Tribune photo by Ron Adams

WILLMAR -- So far this season, 43.2 inches of snow has fallen in Willmar.

That's a far cry from the record-setting season snowfall of 89.8 inches in 2001-02. But it's just 4.5 inches shy of the season average and we've still got March -- the area's snowiest month -- to look forward to.

"This is probably one of the snowiest winters that we've had," said Jim Taggart with the National Weather Service in Chanhassen.

With the El Nino predicted, this was supposed to have been a warm and dry winter.

But then again, he said, the last El Nino resulted in higher-than-average snowfall.

Because there have been few days for melting, the snow has stayed and accumulated, said Taggart.

The snow depth Wednesday in Willmar was reported at 27 inches.

The record snow depth for Willmar was 40 inches reported in January of 1969, said Taggart.

The highest one-day snowfall in Willmar was reported on Nov. 27, 2001, when 21 inches of snow fell. That storm extended for three days leaving a total of 31.1 inches.

"Each year you're going to have extremes," said Taggart.

It's hard to say if February will bring more snow, but March most likely will.

Taggart said the average snowfall in March for Willmar is 10.3 inches.

The snowiest March ever reported in Willmar was in 2002 when 29 inches fell.

Carolyn Lange

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