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Nephew removes tree from aunt’s home with bit of flair

Adam Feichtinger poses Thursday with the carving of a wolf from what remains of the stump of a potentially dangerous tree he removed from his aunt’s home. Submitted

Adam Feichtinger spent four hours removing a potentially dangerous tree from his aunt’s yard Thursday while she was at work.

However, he left a little more than a stump for her return.

Feichtinger went to his aunt’s home with a chainsaw borrowed from his father and removed a tree that was hanging over both his aunt’s and her neighbor’s homes. When he got down to the last portion of the trunk, he decided to carve a wolf out of the remaining 5 or 6 feet.

“I’ve done tree maintenance in the past, so removing the tree was the easy part and only took about an hour,” said Feichtinger. “I’ve carved animals and totem poles for friends and relatives before, but usually they ask me to do them. I hope she likes it, but even if she doesn’t, I’ll just come back, cut it off, and bring it somewhere else.”

Feichtinger said that he had multiple people drive by who asked if he would do something similar at their homes.

“This isn’t really something I do as a job,” said Feichtinger with a laugh. “It’s just a fun hobby I got into a few years ago.”

Feichtinger graduated from Willmar Senior High School in 2002. He attended St. John’s University, where he earned a scholarship for art and majored in German and Spanish. He now lives near Ely, where he builds timber-frame houses.