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Fees for passports likely to increase for adults and minors

WILLMAR -- Proposed changes to the federal passport services fees will make it more expensive to obtain a passport.

Kandiyohi County Recorder, Julie Kalkbrenner, said revenue from the proposed $35 increase of adult passports and $20 increase for minors will go to the state.

The change does not include an increased fee for local governments.

The total cost for passports for adults is currently $100 for adults. The proposed increase will bring the total to $135. The current fee for minors is $85. The new total will be $105.

Fees for passport cards are also increasing $5 for adult and minors.

Kalkbrenner said if anyone has plans to obtain or renew a passport they may want to do it before the increase is implemented. She said the exact date of the change has not been set, but expects the change to happen "in the very near future."

Besides used for travel, she also said passports serve as proof of U.S. citizenship and identity for other purposes, like work authorization and eligibility

-- Staff reports