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Bob Skor announces write-in candidacy for Willmar mayor in November election

WILLMAR — Bob Skor announced in an advertisement in today’s Tribune that he will be a write-in candidate for the office of mayor in the Nov. 4 general election. Skor did not file an affidavit of candidacy last month to place his name on the ballot for the four-year term.

Those who have filed for the office that will be vacated next January by Mayor Frank Yanish, who did not file for re-election, are retired Willmar fire chief/fire marshal Marv Calvin, and Zach Liebl, outreach coordinator for the Willmar Community-Owned Grocery.

In a written statement, Skor said he did not file because he fully expected that at least one of the mayoral candidates would represent the “conservative values’’ that he and many others consider important these days.

“Ultimately, that did not happen. So I offer myself to you as Willmar’s conservative option,’’ he wrote.

Skor said the mayor’s goal must be to hold down foolish spending, reduce taxes and help the “forgotten class’’ — older Willmarites who have worked hard and are on fixed incomes — avoid being forced to choose between paying the tax collector or paying for groceries and medicine.

Skor said this is happening because elected officials have forgotten the basic purpose of government: to keep the infrastructure in good working order, within minimal costs.

“No more million-dollar wind turbines that are broken more often than they’re working, just to be able to say look at what Willmar has. No more city facilities that bleed in the red at taxpayer expense, year after year,’’ he said.

“Willmar needs government that provides efficient, basic services at moderate costs, so that taxpaying Willmarites can hold on to more of what (they) earn. Simple,’’ he said. “I promise to be an advocate for everyone, not just the chosen few. Unlike other candidates, I am not entitled to your vote. I do intend to earn it.’’

Calls Wednesday morning to Skor’s home phone and to his mobile phone, offering an opportunity for further comment, were not returned.

Skor, a lifelong Willmar resident, graduated from Willmar High School in 1970, worked for the railroad for a time, and went on to trade school to become a certified structural and pipe welder for more than 35 years until retiring.

Skor was the unsuccessful candidate among three in a primary election race for the Ward 2 City Council seat on Sept. 9, 2008.

David Little
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