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Women facing charges after allegedly ramming their vehicles into another

Hartwig is charged with three felonies, two for second-degree assault and one for child endangerment.1 / 2
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WILLMAR -- Two women face felony assault charges for allegedly ramming their vehicles into a third vehicle in an attempt to prevent another woman from getting away from them. The incident happened Wednesday evening near Lake Lillian.

Sandra Kaye Block, 43, of Lake Lillian, faces a felony charge of second-degree assault and a misdemeanor domestic assault charge. Her unconditional bail was set at $100,000, with conditional bail set at $50,000.

Rachel Anne Hartwig, 21, of Wheaton, is charged with three felonies, two for second-degree assault and one for child endangerment. She allegedly had a 2-year-old child in her vehicle as she rammed it into the other vehicle. Her unconditional bail was set at $25,000, with conditional bail at $5,000.

Both women make their next appearance in Kandiyohi County District Court on Sept. 7.

According to the complaint, Kandiyohi County sheriff's deputies were called around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday to the area of County Road 8 and 75th Avenue Southeast to investigate an assault by vehicles with injuries.

The woman who was trying to get away, along with three others in the same vehicle, reported that Block and Hartwig had repeatedly rammed their vehicles into them. The woman had been injured in the incident.

Deputies and the ambulance met the woman and the three others south of Willmar. The woman was then taken by ambulance to Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar.

The woman told deputies that she had been living with Block for two months and they had had an argument during the day, with Block upset about the woman's relationship with the man who had come to get her. The woman had left the home and walked down County Road 8. She was followed by Block's and Hartwig's vehicles.

The woman had contacted the man from Willmar to come and get her. The man had picked up another man and a woman in Willmar before traveling to the Lake Lillian area to pick the woman up.

When the man's vehicle arrived, the woman attempted to get into the vehicle, at which time Block allegedly drove her vehicle into the passenger side door where the woman was entering the vehicle. She was then pinned between the door and the frame of the vehicle. Block then backed up and rammed the vehicle again.

Meanwhile, Hartwig allegedly rammed the other side of the vehicle with her car, while a 2-year-old child was riding with her.

The people in the vehicle that had come from Willmar -- the two men and one woman -- confirmed the ramming incident when interviewed by deputies. They had called 911 as the four of them left and traveled to Willmar, with Block and Hartwig following them for some distance.

The man driving the vehicle said that Block had told him not to come on her property and that Block did not want him picking up the woman. The other man reported that Block hit the gas and rammed the passenger door where the woman was attempting to enter the vehicle and that Block then went into reverse and struck the vehicle another time.

Both men later sought treatment at Rice Hospital for possible back injuries.

A deputy examined the vehicle, which appeared to have been hit in at least six locations.

Block and Hartwig were interviewed and told the deputy that the woman suffers from seizures and that they did not want her to leave the residence until the seizures were under control. They claimed that the man who had come from Willmar rammed Block's vehicle and then Hartwig's vehicle when the woman was getting into his vehicle. Block claimed that someone had kidnapped the woman, who Block claims is a vulnerable adult.

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