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High winds damage roof of Spicer business

The parking lot at Spicer Power Products in Spicer was littered with debris, including this portion of the building's steel roof, that was ripped from the building by stiff winds Tuesday night. Tribune photo by Carolyn Lange

SPICER - High winds last night ripped off a portion of a steel roof from the Spicer Power Products building, located on Kandiyohi County Road 10 west of Spicer.

With westerly winds howling at 30-40 mph most of the day and peak gusts of around 60 mph around 6:30 p.m., the west side of the building took a beating as the steel roof was peeled back and deposited in the parking lot, along with insulation that was scattered on the property.

Owner John Koehn said they tried to clean up some of the mess last night, but because the winds were so fierce it was too dangerous to get on the roof to secure a tarp over the gaping hole.

"There was nothing you could do," said Koehn. "It was pretty violent."

Melting snow was dripping into the building, but otherwise the interior of the building wasn't damaged, he said.

While waiting for the insurance adjuster to show up this morning, Koehn waited on a customer who needed his chainsaw sharpened so he could deal with a tree that had fallen on his property during the storm.

Koehn said he's heard other reports of damage in the area, including homes that had shingles ripped off.

He said the pole barn contractor who was lined up to fix his roof has had at least two other calls for storm-related services.

Carolyn Lange

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