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Woman pleads guilty to selling cocaine to task force informant

WILLMAR -- Aiesha Caldwell, 27, of Chicago, pleaded guilty Monday to an amended charge of third-degree drug sale for her role in selling cocaine to a CEE-VI Drug Task Force informant last summer.

As part of a plea agreement in Kandiyohi County District Court, the charge was reduced from second-degree and another second-degree drug sale charge will be dismissed. She will be sentenced Jan. 10 to a stayed sentence of 42 months in prison.

Caldwell, Deedra Lyn Hargrave, 42, of Morris, and Ryan Scott Unke, 21, of Willmar, were each charged in August. Hargrave has pleaded guilty to a second-degree drug sale charge and will be sentenced Dec. 15. She is facing 93 months in prison.

Unke faces three first-degree drug sale charges and is scheduled in court Dec. 17

According to complaints against the three, the informant purchased 40 Lortab pills, a prescription narcotic, from Unke on July 13. The purchase was made in the parking lot of a retail store in Willmar, with Hargrave meeting the informant and Unke at the location.

Hargrave told the informant she could get him whatever narcotic he wanted.

The informant allegedly purchased 8.6 grams of cocaine from Unke and Hargrave on Aug. 2 and 8.8 grams of cocaine from all three defendants Aug. 27 in a motel parking lot in Willmar.

The informant also allegedly purchased crack cocaine during the meeting.

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