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West Central Tribune's Facebook followers share views on Osama's death

WILLMAR -- About midnight Sunday, the Tribune asked its followers on Facebook for comments on the death of Osama bin Laden.

Seventeen people clicked the "Like" button on the initial link posted on the page. It told the story of the raid on bin Laden's compound in an affluent town not from the Pakistani capital Islamabad.

Written comments varied.

Lisa Carter Raddatz had mixed feelings at midnight Sunday: "Happy but yet worry about when the other shoe will drop. I'm sure there will be retaliation."

Claudette Moran's observation was exuberant an hour later: "GOD BLESS AMERICA, PRESIDENT OBAMA, AND OUR TROOPS!"

"Glad Osama got his reward finally," Darlene Dergan wrote at about 9 a.m. Monday. She had stayed up until 11 p.m. Sunday, she said. "Facts today I hope."

Early Monday afternoon, Vickie Ehlers Cyr weighed in with, "This should have happened YEARS ago. We never should have lost focus and invaded Iraq."

"One radical down, a few million to go ... wait till Osama finds out the 72 virgins are there for the same thing as him!" Lynn Wareberg wrote Monday afternoon.

We also asked how long the Facebook folks planned to stay up to watch the news develop on television.

Cable news networks and the major broadcast networks pulled in reporters and anchors to deliver and analyze the news as it developed. Some stayed on air live for hours after President Barack Obama made the official announcement Sunday night about bin Laden's death.

A few minutes after the question was posted, Michelle Boldan wrote, "still up."

Nancy Murphy wrote, "Still up," at about 1 a.m. An hour later, she posted again: "And ... still up."

At 7 a.m. Monday, Becky Woltjer posted that she had watched "until I fell asleep."

Linda Vanderwerf

I cover education issues for the West Central Tribune and have worked for the paper since 1995. I have worked in journalism since 1981.

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