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Norway Lake bog on the move again

Norway Lake residents took matters into their own hands Tuesday as they persuaded the 'floating island' to return to its home on the other side of the lake. Up to 15 boats contributed to the effort. Submitted photo

NEW LONDON -- With the state shutdown and no way of clearing a large piece of land floating in the water, Norway Lake residents decided to take matters into their own hands.

After high waters and strong winds pushed a half-acre grassy bog about 1.6 miles and into a dock June 27, it was on the move again Monday night and causing damage, said a Norway Lake resident who wished to remain anonymous because residents need a permit to move or break it apart.

While the bog was positioned in the southeast corner of the lake Monday afternoon, lake residents began discussing moving it. A few hours later, the high winds began pushing it northeast toward the Sunset Shores Resort, the lake resident said.

A total of 18 boats began moving the bog around 6:30 p.m. traveling one mile and a half an hour -- any faster and the boat would drive onto the bog. By the time the sky went dark, the bog was nestled in a slough near the bridge between Norway Lake from West Norway Lake.

The state Department of Natural Resources was notified and cautioned the lake residents, but due to the state shutdown the DNR was unable to help.

The removal of the bog usually falls on the shoulders of the landowner. However, the DNR was readying to remove it last week, Dave Coahran, the acting area fisheries supervisor in Spicer, told the Tribune at that time when the first damage was occurring.

The move by the lake residents comes a week after the DNR had planned to either move the bog and cut it into pieces using a "cookie cutter" machine, or leave it and cut it up where it was.

After the state shutdown Friday, the machine, and personnel, were not available to move it.