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Fraudulent callers seek Visa card numbers

WILLMAR -- Citizens are being asked not to provide any information if they receive a fraudulent automated phone call asking them to activate their debit card and input their Visa card number and personal identification number (PIN).

Both the Willmar Police Department and local bankers are notifying citizens that the calls are fraudulent and advising not to key any financial information into their phone.

Citizens are advised to not give out any information when receiving similar calls, according to Police Chief David Wyffels. Citizens should contact their financial institution directly by calling the correct phone number for that business.

Officials at Heritage Bank have been notified by multiple customers that they have received the fraudulent calls, according to Wayne Nelson, president at the bank.

Bank officials have notified the police, the Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and their card provider of the situation and ask customers with any questions to call their bank, Nelson said.

A notification was also set out by the local Chamber regarding the calls, which are not limited customers of any specific bank. The caller ID number that appears is a 206 area code, which is Seattle.