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Kandiyohi County cities elect mostly incumbents in city council, mayor races

Briana Sanchez / TribunePeople recieve "I Voted" stickers after they cast their vote Tuesday.

Editor's note: This story has been updated with corrected information about the Spicer City Council.

In the contested city council and mayoral races across Kandiyohi County, voters overwhelmingly chose to vote in at least one incumbent candidate, sometimes electing a newcomer alongside them.

Atwater re-elected Shane Hagstrom and Reed W. Schmidt to city council, both incumbents, with 314 and 253 votes, respectively.

Challenger Brian Carlson received 212 votes, Jerry Dowdell garnered 95 votes and Mary Schmidt received 70.

In Kandiyohi, incumbent Mayor Gordy Woltjer won the race with 155 votes, over Bradley Howard, who had 102.

The city also elected Jonathan Lindstrand and Robin Ryks to the Kandiyohi City Council, with 188 and 109 votes. Ryan O. Gonnerman had 72, Toby Giese, 47, and Adrian D. Titrud, 43.

New London elected newcomer Erik Hatlestad to a city council seat, with 234 votes, and re-elected incumbent Loren Beck, with 222. 

Incumbent John Mack had 203 votes, Laurel Iverson, 213, and Mark Strohbeen, 142. Bryna Hendrickson had 93 votes.

Pennock re-elected Jeffrey Allan Arends for city council with 118 votes. Also elected was Jerry L. Kolden, with 114. Susan Kidrowski had 97 votes.

In the Raymond City Council race, challenger Jon Setrum snagged a seat with 220 votes, over incumbent David Wassink, 198. Tanya Call was also re-elected to city council with 224.

Spicer re-elected Robin deCathelineau to its city council with 368 votes, and also elected Jesse Gislason with 412 votes. Wynn Elliot received 202 votes.

In two of the county's mayoral races, no candidates filed.

Lake Lillian and Prinsburg had no official candidates for mayor this year, but voters still turned out with write-ins.

Lake Lillian voters submitted 40 write-ins for mayor, while Prinsburg voters submitted 239.