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Records published Sept. 28

Briana Sanchez / Tribune file photo

This is the records summary for Sept. 28.

Five-car crash with teen drivers reported in Willmar

WILLMAR — Five teenagers driving five vehicles were involved in a chain-reaction rear-end crash Tuesday afternoon in Willmar.

One individual was taken to the hospital for possible neck injuries and one was cited for a driving permit violation.

The accident was reported around 3 p.m. Tuesday on Civic Center Drive Northeast near Technology Drive.

According to the police report, witnesses said they believed the vehicles were traveling "bumper-to-bumper" before the crash.

The drivers told police they believed there was a distance of two car lengths between each vehicle prior to the accident.

All the vehicles were going west on Civic Center Drive. The police report indicates the first vehicle was stopped in traffic to make a legal left turn into a private residence and was rear-ended by a second vehicle.

The third car came to a stop but was rear-ended by the fourth vehicle, which caused the third car to rear-end the second vehicle.

The driver of the fourth vehicle told police he was able to stop or barely came into contact with the third car before it was rear-ended by the fifth car, which did not stop in time.

Two of the drivers were 16 years old and three drivers were 17 years of age. Three drivers were females and two were males.

There was a total of six passengers in three of the vehicles.

The police report indicated that driving too close and driver inexperience were contributing factors in the crash.