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Renville, Redwood counties receive state disaster relief for October floods

ST. PAUL — Renville County will receive $109,350 in state disaster assistance to help recover from an October thunderstorm storm that caused flood damage to local infrastructure.

Redwood County will receive $31,500.

Gov. Mark Dayton announced Friday that the counties will receive the aid, which will come from the State Disaster Assistance Contingency Account.

The funding is in response to severe thunderstorms and flooding Oct. 2 that caused significant damage to a section of regional railway, county agricultural drainage systems and county parks, according to the governor's announcement.

The estimated damage to Renville County was $145,855.

The damage in Redwood County was estimated at $42,000.

The aid from the contingency account will reimburse counties for a portion of the public infrastructure repairs and cleanup costs.

Under Minnesota law, the state will reimburse 75 percent of eligible costs for public infrastructure repairs and cleanup, with local governments responsible for covering the remaining 25 percent.

In 2014, Dayton signed legislation establishing the State Disaster Assistance Contingency Account to assist local communities after a natural disaster without a special session, even when federal aid is not available.

The legislation also directs the state to cover the full Federal Emergency Management Agency funding match for local governments in federally declared disasters.