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This is the records summary for March 15.

Stearns Sheriff: Klappenbach not moving to rural Paynesville address

PAYNESVILLE — The Stearns County Sheriff’s Office has been notified that Michael Shawn Klappenbach, 39, a Level III sex offender, will not be moving into or living at an address along Pirz Lake Road in Eden Lake Township.

According to a news release, the Sheriff’s Office was notified Wednesday afternoon of the change. Klappenbach is currently being housed in the Stearns County Jail until he can make other living arrangements.

Klappenbach was scheduled to be released from custody Wednesday. A community notification meeting was Monday at the Paynesville Area High School regarding his release into the community.

Klappenbach has a history of engaging in sexual contact with a 15-year-old female victim who was known to him. He is not wanted by police and has served the sentence imposed on him by the court system. Offenders are assessed by the state at the time of their release from confinement. Level III offenders are those deemed at highest risk of reoffending.


NEW LONDON — A 22-year-old man was arrested on charges of driving while impaired and driving after suspension around 3 a.m. Thursday near the intersection of Highway 71 and County Road 40.


SPICER — The theft of a trailer was reported around 10:20 a.m. Thursday along the 13000 block of Green Lake Boulevard.


WILLMAR — Four young men, ages 21, 20, 19 and 17, were cited for exhibition driving after an incident in the Wal-Mart parking lot around 9:45 p.m. Wednesday. Willmar Police officers, who were in the parking lot, noticed the vehicles spinning their tires and driving without regard to traffic safety, and located the four vehicles nearby.

District Court

Kandiyohi County

- Lauren Diane Kieschnick, 24, of Apple Valley, was sentenced Thursday to 13 months in prison, which was stayed, a $100 fine and 123 days in the county jail on felony charges of issuing a dishonored check and financial transaction card fraud.

Kieschnick was also ordered to pay a total of $5,504.92 in restitution

She was given credit for 63 days already served and the remaining 60 days are staggered in 10-day increments over the next two years. The jail time can be deferred if she meets the probation conditions and remains current on restitution payments of at least $25 a month.

If she is not working at least 36 hours per week and current with her restitution payments, Kieschnick was ordered to serve 100 hours of community work service.

  As part of a plea agreement, two additional felony charges for financial transaction card fraud were dismissed.

 The charges included a 2008 case, in which between Jan. 2 and Jan. 10, 2008, Kieschnick wrote five checks to Cash Wise Foods totaling $1,244.03. Four checks were returned for non-sufficient funds and one check was returned on a closed account. Coborns officials — parent company of Cash Wise — mailed a notice of nonpayment or dishonored check for all five checks in June but received no payment.

The additional charges were filed after Willmar police received reports in January and February 2009 that Kieschnick had used a debit card belonging to someone else to purchase items at Little Dukes and Holiday in Willmar, totaling $40.77, and had used a credit card number to purchase a phone card and canteen money for an inmate in the Kandiyohi County Jail.

The investigation revealed information from the phone and vending companies that connected Kieschnick to the transactions, including her name and email accounts. Police also reviewed phone conversations between Kieschnick and an inmate discussing the card and the transactions into their jail canteen account.

- Amanda Michelle Garberding, 28, of Willmar, was sentenced Thursday to 15 days in jail, a $1,000 fine and five years of probation on a felony charge of fifth-degree drug sale for her role in selling marijuana to a CEE-VI Drug Task Force informant.

 Garberding was also ordered to follow the recommendations of a chemical use assessment and not use or possess drugs or alcohol.

As part of a plea agreement, three additional felony charges for drug possession, storing meth paraphernalia in the presence of a child and sale of synthetic cannabinoid were dismissed.

Garberding and Joseph Balboa, 27, of Willmar, were both charged in the case. Balboa has pleaded guilty to a felony charge of fifth-degree drug possession. He was sentenced in January to 104 days in jail, a $500 fine and five years of probation and ordered to follow the recommendations of a chemical use assessment.

According to the complaints, a confidential informant for the CEEVI Drug Task Force arranged the purchase of 15.3 grams of marijuana from Balboa on Sept. 13 at his residence. The informant went to the home and bought the drugs from Garberding.

On Oct. 5, task force agents performed a garbage search on the home and found drug paraphernalia and baggies with cut corners, a sign that the bags are used for drugs. On Oct. 11, agents executed a search warrant on the residence and arrested Balboa. They located paraphernalia with meth and synthetic cannabinoid residue.

Garberding came to the residence and was arrested. Also located in the home during the search were two young children, ages 1 and 2.

- Matthew Lee-Cortez Lewis, 25, of Sauk Centre, was sentenced Thursday to 30 days in jail, a $1,000 fine and five years of probation on a fifth-degree drug sale charge for selling 11 grams of marijuana to a CEE-VI Drug Task Force informant.

He was also ordered to follow the recommendations of a chemical use assessment, complete treatment and not use or possess drugs or alcohol.

The charge was filed after March 14, 2012, when a drug task force informant purchased 11 grams of marijuana from Lewis in a car at a gas station in Willmar.