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Willmar, Minn., to receive GreenStep City Award

WILLMAR -- The city of Willmar will be recognized as a Minnesota GreenStep City and will receive an award for advancing to become a Step 2 City by completing 12 best practices.

The award will be presented at the upcoming League of Minnesota Cities 2013 Annual Conference June 20.

This award shows community members and other cities across Minnesota that Willmar is taking steps in the direction of energy and resource conservation and innovation, according to a news release from Minnesota GreenStep Cities.

Minnesota GreenStep Cities is a challenge, assistance and recognition program. As one of 56 participating cities, Willmar is helping to lead the way in sustainability across the state of Minnesota.

Willmar has worked to implement best practices in order to fulfill sustainability goals. Actions that are taken within the program focus on cost savings, energy use reduction, and the encouragement of civic innovation.

Details on best practices Willmar has completed can be seen by visiting, clicking on "See all cities" next to the map, and then clicking on the city's name.

The award is described as a great achievement for Willmar. By being part of a sustainability program, the 56 GreenStep cities are helping to secure Minnesota's natural beauty for the future while also helping the cities and regions thrive economically and socially.

Minnesota GreenStep Cities helps cities achieve their sustainability and quality‐of‐life goals. This free continuous improvement program, managed by a public‐private partnership, is based upon 28 best practices.

Each best practice can be implemented by completing one or more actions at a 1, 2 or 3‐star level, from a list of four to eight actions. These actions are tailored to all Minnesota cities, focus on cost savings and energy use reduction, and encourage civic innovation.

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