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N.D. base airman court-martialed for raping wife of deployed airman

An airman at Grand Forks Air Force Base was sentenced Monday at his court martial to 34 years in prison for raping a woman on base this past summer, the base said Thursday.

Senior Airman Jory Hodge, 23, broke into the home of an airman who was deployed and forced himself upon the deployed airman's wife early on the morning of Aug. 10, the base said.

Hodge agreed to plead guilty to all charges he faced, including rape by threat or fear, sodomy, assault consummated by a battery, burglary and communicating a threat. In exchange his sentence was capped at 20 years.

The victim testified that she awoke to a shadowy figure standing above her in her bedroom, according to the base. She said he punched her and she begged him to stop thinking he wanted to kill her.

 Air Force military judge Col. Natalie Richardson presided over Hodge's court martial.