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Woman pays with a $20 bill printed in 1934 at a UPS Store in North Dakota

DICKINSON, N.D. - What a Dickinson business manager thought was a worthless counterfeit $20 bill turned out to be worth more than even face value. A woman who came into the UPS Store paid with a $20 bill that had been printed in 1934. Store manager Nancy Kostelecky said the bill is in pristine condition.

The woman who paid with the bill was unsure where she got it. Kostelecky said it's a mystery where it came from and why it had not been in circulation. She ended up buying it from the woman.

Dickinson Police Detective Chris Coates did some checking and says similar bills are selling on eBay for up to $134.

Kostelecky said she plans to give the bill to her father, who collects coins.