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U.S. marshall: Escaped Arizona inmate could be in North Dakota

One of the fugitives who escaped from an Arizona prison and is suspected of killing an elderly couple while on the lam could be in North Dakota, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.

John McCluskey, 45, may be in the state with Casslyn Welch, 43, his accomplice in the prison break as well as his fiance and cousin, said Bill Klug, deputy marshal for North Dakota.

Klug said the pair have not been seen in the state and federal officials don't have any legitimate tips about them coming here, but it's a possibility after they were seen in Montana in recent days, near Glacier National Park.

McCluskey and two other convicts broke out of the prison on July 30, but the other two have been found. McCluskey was doing a 15-year term for attempted murder. Welch is suspected of helping them break out by throwing wire cutters over the perimeter at the medium-security prison.

Forensic evidence links McCluskey, Welch and one of the other escapees - Tracy Province, who was arrested in Wyoming on Sunday - to the murder of the couple in Santa Rosa, N.M., a New Mexico State Police spokesman said.

U.S. marshals think McCluskey and Welch may be traveling in a gold 1997 Nissan Sentra with Arizona license plate 620 PFV, and they're considered to be armed and dangerous.

The public is encouraged to call police if they see Welch or McCluskey.