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Dog found in rubble of downtown Sioux Falls building 48 hours after it collapsed

Rescue workers take the beagle rescued more than 48 hours after a downtown Sioux Falls building collapsed from the debris on Sunday afternoon. Sioux Falls police photo.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.— It was a little bit better of a day Sunday when a dog was found in the rubble of a downtown, 100-year-old Sioux Falls building that collapsed on Friday morning.

City Emergency Manager Regan Smith said not only was the young woman who was in an upstairs apartment and rescued from the debris on Friday released from the hospital, but the last of her three dogs was also found underneath a mattress.

The beagle belonging to Emily Fodness was found when rescue workers heard a faint noise or bark in the building on Sunday.

Her family was waiting at the scene when the dog was recovered. "It made for a really nice scene. It's still a tragedy, but at least it was a little bit better of a day," Smith said.

Smith said a Husky and another beagle belonging to Fodness and her family were rescued during the initial search on Friday.

While the dog was being rescued, a makeshift memorial for construction worker Ethan McMahon, who died when the former Copper Lounge came tumbling down, was set up near the scene of the construction accident.

Workers had been remodeling the former bar into a downtown Lewis Drug store.

Meanwhile, Smith said the busy downtown streets by the site of the accident will remain closed for now.

He didn't know when Phillips Avenue and 10th Street—a major crosstown road-- would reopen.

Smith said it could really be a mess around the commuting time in the morning and late afternoon.

Smith said not only was additional cleanup of the at-risk site needed, but an investigation was also underway, including by insurers.

Mayor Mike Huether said City Building Services had issued a limited permit authorizing Hultgren Construction LLC to remove interior finishes such as furnishings, floor coverings, ceiling tiles, and an existing bar area on Oct. 7. He also said the department had been awaiting structural engineering and architectural submittals from the builder before issuing authorization to begin any further work on the project.

Lewis Drug—a popular drug store chain in the region—was planning to enter the downtown market with a store on the busy corner.