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MPCA cites Granite Falls Construction Co. for concrete waste disposal

WILLMAR - The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has cited Granite Falls Construction Co. Inc. for several violations of water pollution rules, the state agency announced Tuesday in a news release. The company has made corrections and has paid a $10,000 civil penalty, according to the MPCA.

From 1984 to June 2010, the company disposed of concrete waste on Northern States Power Co. property adjacent to the Minnesota River east of Granite Falls. The discharges entered a wetland that is hydrologically connected to the Minnesota River, the news release states.

Also during this time, the facility operated without a stormwater pollution prevention plan as required in its industrial stormwater permit. The company submitted annual reports indicating it had a stormwater pollution prevention plan and stating that it had completed the required stormwater inspections, without actually having done so, according to the MPCA.

Granite Falls Construction Co. has stopped the discharges, started conducting stormwater inspections, is working to properly dispose of waste concrete being removed from the area, and is covering the remainder with soil and vegetation.