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MPCA completes 60 enforcement cases in quarter

ST. PAUL — The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency concluded 60 enforcement cases in 41 counties throughout Minnesota during the first quarter of 2014. Penalties from all 60 cases totaled just under $345,000.

In addition to these 60 recently completed cases, the MPCA announced in a news release that it also has 119 ongoing enforcement investigations, eight of which were opened as new cases during the first quarter of 2014. Not all investigations lead to fines or other official action.

Imposing monetary penalties is only part of the MPCA’s enforcement process. Agency staff continue to provide assistance, support, and information on the steps and tools necessary to achieve compliance for any company or local government that requests it.

The following is a list of area cases completed during the first quarter of 2014:

- KMJ Convenience Co., Montevideo, for hazardous waste violations, $9,379;

- City of Appleton, for solid and hazardous waste violations, $6,325;

- CW Welding & Fabrication LLC, Vesta, for water quality violations, $6,200;

- Keith Kvistero, Milan, for solid waste and air quality violations, $4,850;

- Marlon Lagred, Starbuck, for solid waste violations, $3,500;

- Taatjes Properties LLC, Raymond, for solid waste violations, $1,210;

- Bruce Tiffany, Redwood Falls, for solid and hazardous waste violations, $954;

- Mike Rasmussen, Redwood Falls, for asbestos violations, $954.