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Litchfield School Board debating cuts worth $894K tonight for '09-10, '10-11

LITCHFIELD -- The Litchfield School Board will discuss budget reductions worth $894,000 tonight during its last meeting of 2008.

According to a Monday e-mail from Superintendent Bill Wold, the administration of Litchfield Public Schools will recommend up to $894,000 in budget cuts tonight as another step in the district's statutory operating debt exit plan. Documents provided by Wold indicate the district will most likely be cutting largely from district personnel and transportation costs for the next two school years.

Two weeks ago, the district cut $328,750 from its remaining budget for the 2008-09 school year. Tonight's recommendations -- which break down to $378,000 in cuts for 2009-10 and $518,000 for 2010-11 -- are the last preparatory steps toward getting the district out of statutory operating debt.

Wold indicated the district will have to enact the reductions approved for 2009-10. The district could forgo the 2010-11 cuts if an operating levy referendum is approved by voters before 2010.

The School Board will revisit and possibly act on the recommendations of the administration during its Jan. 12 meeting.