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Hawk Creek ditch authority rejects petition for larger culverts

MONTEVIDEO -- Members of the ditch authority for Hawk Creek voted three-to-one on Tuesday not to hear a petition asking them to reconsider their Nov., 14, 2007 decision to replace two bridges over the waterway with box culvert sets.

Residents of the township located upstream of Clara City packed the assembly room in hopes that the ditch authority would re-open the issue and hold a hearing.

The residents are asking that larger culverts be installed than those approved nearly 1½ years ago, but not yet purchased.

The residents previously had presented a petition signed by 76 township residents asking the ditch authority to re-open the matter. They also presented a private engineering analysis that recommends installing larger culverts.

But ditch authority member Jim Dahlvang of Chippewa County said the private engineering analysis did not contain any new information than what was presented to the ditch authority in 2007. He also said that it would be just as easy to collect signatures for a petition from residents in Clara City and points downstream in opposition to larger culverts. Replacing two upstream outlets based on designs to discharge at greater standards than found elsewhere in the system would increase costs and possibly put them at greater flood risk.