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Meeker County Sheriff Mike Hirman retiring in May

LITCHFIELD -- Meeker County Sheriff Mike Hirman will retire from his post at the end of April.

County Administrator Paul Virnig said today that Hirman notified the Meeker County Board of Commissioners about his retirement from county sheriff during this morning's board meeting.

Virnig said Hirman announced his April 31 retirement and recommended that Meeker County Chief Deputy Jeff Norlin step into the role in May. The board accepted Hirman's retirement and approved of Norlin's appointment. Norlin will serve as county sheriff starting May 1.

Virnig did not indicate why Hirman announced his retirement but said he was in the age range to "eligibly retire."

According to Tribune archives, Hirman has been the sheriff of Meeker County since 1986 and his four-year term expires after 2010.