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Voters approve Litchfield Schools' referendum

LITCHFIELD -- Litchfield Public Schools will introduce a new operating levy in 2010 after local voters favored the district's call for help in Tuesday's referendum.

Superintendent Bill Wold said tonight that Litchfield School District's referendum passed 2,028 votes to 1,174.

"It was a big victory," Wold said. "We had a good feel for it. People were talking about it. People were saying positive things. But you never know.

"This is very gratifying that we had this many 'yes' voters."

District voters approved a seven-year, $600-per-student operating levy scheduled to start in 2010. With the approval, the district's $300-per-student levy will be revoked at the end of the year.

The levy amount requested Tuesday was the same levy increase local voters rejected in November. During the general election, 55 percent of district voters rejected the levy amount.