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Icehouse stolen from Kingston Township residence

KIMBALL -- The Meeker County Sheriff's office is investigating the theft of an icehouse from a residence in Kingston Township North.

According to Sheriff Jeff Norlin, a citizen reported that his icehouse was taken from his residence between Monday and Wednesday.

The icehouse was described as a 6' 4" by 14' Lampi Auction Equipment Icehouse. It is metallic gray in color with a Mocha frost stripe. There is a drop down removable hitch and has double doors in the back. There are 4 red and black reflectors on the topside corners of the icehouse. The icehouse was parked on the property by a shed. The icehouse would have been visible from the roadway where it was parked. Inside there was an Aqua View fish camera, Strikemaster Lazar ice auger, portable cook stove, and miscellaneous items. Total value of the house and items is between $7,000 and $7,500.