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Montevideo watches as floodwaters show signs of receding

MONTEVIDEO -- The Minnesota River crested Tuesday morning at 20.13 feet in Montevideo, and the waters are slowly starting to go down, according to City Manager Steve Jones.

He said the crest is the fourth highest on record. A record crest of 23.9 feet was recorded April 6, 1997.

The U.S. Highway 212 levee had been raised prior to the crest and the city was not experiencing any major problems. "Much better,'' Mayor Jim Curtiss said of the situation.

The city found itself in the position of being able to extend help elsewhere, the mayor noted. The city provided sandbags to help build up an earthen levee keeping open a Yellow Medicine County road that connects Wegdahl and U.S. Highway 212. Jones said sanitary sewer service to Smith Addition will likely remain off until the weekend or early next week, depending on when the river levels drop to 18 feet.

Both the city manager and mayor said the community would need to keep a close eye on conditions, as water levels are likely to remain relatively high for an extended period. No different than 1997, this year had all the makings for a major flood due to an extremely wet fall and moisture-laden snowpack.

In 1997, March brought a rapid warm up followed by heavy rains. March of 2010 has seen mild temperatures and unusually dry conditions.

Tom Cherveny

Tom Cherveny is a regional and outdoor reporter with the West Central Tribune in Willmar, MN.

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