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More nighttime burglaries reported

WILLMAR -- The Kand-iyohi County Sheriff is asking residents to lock doors and secure all basement and main-floor windows after more nighttime burglaries of occupied homes were reported Monday.

According to Sheriff Dan Hartog, additional reports of nighttime burglaries were taken Monday from residents in Lake Lillian and Pennock. The additional incidents are believed to be related to a string of nine burglaries Thursday in Kandiyohi, according to a news release from Hartog.

Similar to the Kandiyohi incidents, someone entered homes overnight and took money, wallets and purses. In one incident, a citizen saw two men who had entered a home through the back door, caused damage inside and then exited through the front door.

In addition to locking doors and windows, the sheriff suggests leaving lights on to deter criminal activity.

If anyone sees any suspicious actively in their neighborhood during the late night or early morning hours, they are asked to call the sheriff's office immediately with that information. The phone number is 911 or 320-235-1260.