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Sheriff reminds drivers to watch for farm equipment

LITCHFIELD -- Meeker County Sheriff Jeff Norlin wishes to remind all motorists using all roadways in Meeker County to be mindful of the current farm harvest season for a safe and accident free harvest season.

There is increased traffic of all types, including semi and farm trucks, various farm tractors with wide implements or wagons, combines, etc. all moving at slow speeds, and many taking up most of the township roadway, and some extending beyond the highway center line. This will occur all times of the day and night.

Motorists are encouraged to be aware, and give extra room and attention, when encountering farm traffic. Farm equipment operators are reminded to stay alert for the general motorist traffic, and abide by the applicable laws, especially signs for slow moving farm vehicle traffic and equipment lighting.

Norlin wishes to advise everyone that statewide, there are many reasons for these types of crashes, but the three leading causes of farm vehicle related crashes are: Inattention, speed, and unsafe passing.