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Area districts see write-in votes play a large role in the election

Several area school districts had seats filled by write-in votes in the Nov. 2 election, because the number of open seats on their boards outnumbered the candidates who filed for office. After the election, the districts waited for county auditors to sort and count the write-in votes so they could learn who had been elected to office.

In contested races, the winning candidates have an asterisk in front of their name.


Four seats

Megan Morrison, 1,938

Scott Stafford, write-in, 397

Lori Martin, write-in, 333

Mike Hendrickson, write-in, 280


Three seats

Shelly Vergin, 1,966

Stan Claussen, 1,907

Chad Payne, write-in, 480


Three seats

Russ Lesniak, 1,742

Jill Hanson, write-in total not available

Brian Stenholm, write-in total not available

Lac qui Parle Valley

District 1, one seat

*Scott Conn, 383

Randy Henneberg, 247

District 2, one seat

Brian Tebben, 442

District 4, one seat

Terry Halvorson, 518

District 5, one seat

Todd Kranz, write-in, 40


Three seats

Chad M. Christianson, 3,023

Bruce Anderson, 2,802

Wayne Nielsen, write-in, 398


Four seats

David Johnson, 1,420

Lew W. Storkamp, 1,163

Debra Glenz, 1,014

Mark Dingmann, 893

Renville County West

Three seats

Eric Dahlager, 1,199

Darin Bratsch, 1,187

Wendie Discher, write-in, 97

Yellow Medicine East

Three seats

Dawn Odegard, 2,368

Shelly Wier, write-in, 117

Steve Rupp, write-in, 68

Special election, one seat

Grant Velde, 2,505

Linda Vanderwerf

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