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Three Litchfield women arrested after attempted car theft

LITCHFIELD -- Three young women were arrested on charges of attempted auto theft after a Friday evening incident in Litchfield.

According to the Meeker County Sheriff's office, deputies were called around 5:55 p.m. Friday to Premier Auto, along Highway 12 in Litchfield.

The owner of the business had stopped two women who had attempted to flee from the scene and told deputies that he'd noticed a vehicle, belonging to the shop, running in the lot. He went to confront them and they took off running, but he caught them.

The two women are identified as Stephanie Barbara Pederson, 20, of Litchfield, and Cara Eleanor Cline, 22, of Litchfield. Both parties are pending charges for attempted motor vehicle theft.

The investigation revealed that the two women had been dropped off by a third party who informed them to "start the car" for her and that she would be back later to pick them up. The third party was identified as Heather Marie Pederson, 23, of Litchfield, and is the sister of Stephanie Pederson. Heather Pederson was later arrested in Meeker County and is pending charges for conspiracy to commit motor vehicle theft.