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Meeker Sheriff asks for public vigilance on metal thefts

LITCHFIELD -- Meeker County Sheriff Jeff Norlin is asking for the public's help to be watchful for suspicious persons and vehicles related to copper, metal, and other salvage thefts. With the high prices of scrap metal, Meeker County, as well as across Minnesota and the nation, these types of thefts continue to occur, often causing thousands of dollars more in repairing and replacing the items taken. Scrap copper is at the top of the thieves' lists, mostly heavy-gauge wire.

Residents are asked to pay particular attention where there may be an unknown person or vehicle, especially in the evening and nighttime hours in places in or around: irrigation sprayers, abandoned farm sites or houses, electrical sub stations, radio towers, groves or other places old farm equipment may be left. Basically anywhere you observe suspicious activity and there would be a source of copper, or other scrap materials.

Citizens may call 911 to report this type of activity. A deputy will be dispatched immediately. The location, a good description of what you saw, and a license number only if you can safely or easily obtain one is helpful when you call.