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Sedan, Minn., firefighters in dress getting video attention (video)

Two Sedan firefighters fight a truck fire during the St. Patrick's Day Parade Saturday. A video of the two - in their parade dresses - is now going viral on the web. Web photo from Paul Streitz video

Two Sedan volunteer firefighters are getting attention this week as a video shows a pair fighting a vehicle fire at the Padua St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Their efforts are to be expected as volunteer firefighters, but the fact that Ted Aubart and Ben Terhaar were there well-dressed - in full length designer dresses - is what is gaining the viewer interest.

Bystander Paul Streitz happened to shoot video of the firefighters' effort, and now more than 40,000 people have viewed the video on YouTube. It has also been featured on numerous media sites, like and Huffington Post.

Aubart and Terhaar wear the dresses on occasion as part of a fund-raising effort for the Sedan Volunteer Fire Department. The group was waiting in line in preparation for Padua's St. Patrick's Day Parade Saturday when a fire erupted on a truck and the firefighters went to work.

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