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Portable meth lab, marijuana seized from Hector home near park

HECTOR -- A portable lab for manufacturing methamphetamine, nearly two grams of methamphetamine and about four pounds of marijuana were seized from a home in Hector located near a city park and the Buffalo Lake - Hector High School on Monday evening.

Justin Andrew Walker, 27, was at the home on the 300 block of Second Street West. He faces charges including first degree manufacture of methamphetamine, third degree possession of methamphetamine in a school and park area, fourth degree sale of marijuana in a school and park area, and possession of methamphetamine precursors with intent to manufacture.

He made his first appearance on the charges in district court in Olivia on Wednesday, according to Renville County Assistant Attorney Glen Jacobsen.

Officers with the Brown, Lyon, Redwood and Renville County Drug Task Force, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and Renville County Sheriff's Department and Hector Police executed a search warrant at the home, which the defendant shares with two others.

The criminal complaint alleges that the officers seized methamphetamine and marijuana from the home as well as chemicals and equipment used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, including pseudoephedrine, lithium batteries, camping fuel, drain cleaner, hoses, coffee filters and jugs.

The items were coated in a white powder residue. A BCA agent participating in the search confirmed that the bag contained a portable lab for manufacturing methamphetamine.

Officers also searched a Chevrolet Suburban in the driveway registered to the defendant with South Dakota plates and found marijuana plant residue in the front seat and two firearms, a Marlin Model 60, .22 rifle and Maverick Model 88, 12 gauge shotgun, according to the complaint.

The defendant also faces charges in Minnehaha County, South Dakota, for felony controlled substance, theft and domestic assault, according to the complaint. South Dakota records indicate he also faces failure to appear and fugitive from justice charges there.