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School board election results for west central Minnesota schools

The following are unofficial election results for contested races only for school board posts in districts in the region.

Candidates indicated by (I) are elected incumbents and those indicated by (A) are current office holders now seeking election to a post they assumed by appointment.

Results are reported from the Secretary of State's website and are unofficial until canvassing boards meet.


Three seats open

Joel Gratz (I), Atwater; 1,678

Sarah Blom, Atwater; 1,484

Jeanna Lilleberg (I), Atwater; 1,465

Dale Martin, Cosmos; 1,199

Michelle Randt, Cosmos; 1,040


Three seats open

Paul Weller (I), Brooten; 1,500

Danny R. Wold (I), Belgrade; 1,149

Kimberly Trustheim, Brooten; 1,080

Sue Woolcott (I), Belgrade; 942


Four seats open

Neal G. Prokosch, Bird Island (I); 2,007

Jeff Benson (I), Olivia; 1,839

John Desotell (I), Bird Island; 1,810

Alan Haney (A), Olivia; 1,607

Brenda Rouse, Olivia; 1,030


Three seats open

Tony Aafedt, Dawson; 1,038

Brett Buer (I), Dawson; 994

Bruce E. Lund (I), Dawson; 974

Kendall L. Stelter (I), Dawson; 968


Three seats open

Marcia Provencher, Litchfield; 3,518

David Huhner, Litchfield; 3,002

Stacey Helstrom (I), Litchfield; 2,963

Darrin Anderson, Litchfield; 2,479


District 1, one seat

Scott Ruiter, Clara City; 146

David W. Van Klompenburg, Clara City; 105

David Wolf, Clara City; 34

Minnewaska Area

Four seats open

Robert Mork (I), Lowry; 3,111

Lonnie Hoffman (I), Glenwood; 3,076

Jeff Holtberg, Glenwood; 2,973

Jim Peters (I), Glenwood; 2,564

Randy Kinney, Glenwood; 2,178


Three seats open

Bruce Vanderpool, Paynesville; 2,333

Kella Bugbee, Paynesville; 1,928

Cheryl Veldkamp, Hawick; 1,587

Dave Currens (I), Paynesville; 1,313


YES: 1,946

NO: 1,266


Four seats open

Mike Reynolds (I), Willmar; 6,855

Michael Carlson, Willmar; 6,493

Liz VanDerBill, Willmar; 6,066

Jackie Saulsbury, Willmar; 5,571

Don Thorpe, Kandiyohi; 3,428

Sahra Gure, Willmar; 3,014

Yellow Medicine East

Four seats open

Tim Opdahl (I), Granite Falls; 2,488

Grant Velde (I), Granite Falls; 2,467

Steve Zumhofe (I), Granite Falls; 2,266

Jane Hagert (I), Granite Falls; 2,010

Mark Hoeper, Granite Falls; 1,279