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What a difference a day makes: Paynesville, Minn., records lowest temp before afternoon rebound on New Year’s Day

Max Hegna, 6, left, and Sam Hegna, who turns 4 on Friday, enjoy a milder-than-expected day Tuesday by sledding at Robbins Island, a city park in Willmar. The boys were there with their father, Jon Hegna of Willmar. (Tribune photo by Gary Miller)1 / 2
Jim Radermacher, of Willmar, snowshoes Tuesday around Robbins Island in Willmar. “I got them for Christmas last year,” Radermacher said of the snowshoes. “This is the first chance I’ve had to use them. I love it,” he said, adding that he hopes to snowshoe next weekend at Sibley State Park near New London. (Tribune photo by Gary Miller) 2 / 2

CHANHASSEN — The coldest actual temperature recorded overnight Monday into Tuesday was 21 degrees below zero at Paynesville Municipal Airport.

According to preliminary data from the National Weather Service in Chanhassen, the mark of 21 below was tied by a 21 below reading at Flensburg in Morrison County. Paynesville’s low temp was recorded at 3:34 a.m. Tuesday.

A low of 18 below was recorded Tuesday morning at the St. Cloud Regional Airport. Other area temperatures included 16 below at Litchfield, 15 below at Pennock, 12 below at New London and 11 below at Willmar, Granite Falls and Prinsburg.

In the wind chill department, Paynesville also claimed the coldest reading, with 31 below recorded at 10:53 p.m. Monday evening. A chill of 28 below was registered at Pennock, with 21 below recorded at the Willmar airport. Litchfield registered a 22 below reading, while Granite Falls, Benson and Appleton had 23 below readings.

Tuesday’s high was 21 in Willmar and Paynesville.