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Ice falls off semi, injuring woman in Montevideo

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MONTEVIDEO — It was a chance meeting of the worst kind.

As a pickup truck and semi truck drove past each other Wednesday in opposite directions on State Highway 7 in Montevideo, a sheet of ice flew off of the semi.

It smashed into the windshield of the pickup truck, injuring the passenger, Cheri Ann Berner, 31.

A responding Montevideo police officer got to the scene. Pickup driver Jason Dean Neumayer, 43, held a large chunk of ice in his hand.

The front windshield of his 2001 Ford F-150 was smashed and warped.

Now Montevideo Police are warning drivers to clean ice off of their vehicles. The two vehicles were only traveling at 45 mph. At higher speeds, this incident could have been a lot worse, Police Chief Adam Christopher said.

Berner was transported to Chippewa County-Montevideo Hospital with minor injuries and released.

"More so just shaken up, I think," Christopher said.

Immediately after the crash, Neumayer had turned around his pickup and followed the semi truck until it stopped.

Semi driver Bryan Dean Nordby, 41, of Montevideo, was later cited for failing to secure his vehicle load.