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MPCA completes 64 enforcement cases in fourth quarter of 2012

ST. PAUL — The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency concluded 64 enforcement cases in 39 counties throughout Minnesota during the fourth quarter of 2012.

Penalties from all 64 cases totaled just over $730,000. For all of 2012 the MPCA completed 214 cases totaling just over $2.7 million.

Nearly 10 percent of that total was spent toward the completion of supplemental environmental projects, which are often included in enforcement actions. These projects are intended to provide extra environmental and public health benefits. They are projects that regulated parties agree to do in settling enforcement actions, but are not otherwise legally required to complete.

Cases in the last quarter included these area businesses:

- Superior Industries LLC, Morris, for air quality violations – $20,000.

- Fibrominn Biomass Power Plant, Benson, for air quality violations – $14,000.

- Sparboe Farms Inc., Litchfield, for solid waste violations – $5,175.

- CNH America LLC, Benson, for water quality violations – $3,900.

- Kandiyohi County Sanitary Landfill, New London, for stormwater violations – $3,900.

- Wilkens Industries Inc., Morris, for stormwater violations – $3,900.

- Mackereth Excavating Inc., Litchfield, for solid waste violations – $3,450

- SMI & Hydraulics Inc., Porter, for air quality violations – $1,687.

- Limeinator, Olivia, for air quality violations – $1,624.

- Warrior Mfg. LLC, Redwood Falls, for air quality violations – $1,562.

- Titan Machinery Inc., Marshall, for solid waste violations – $525.