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Worthington turkey wins Great Gobbler Gallop

CUERO, Texas (AP) - It was neck and neck.

A turkey from Worthington, Minnesota, named Paycheck is the winner of the annual Great Gobbler Gallop in Cuero, Texas. His handlers brought home the Traveling Trophy of Tumultuous Triumph for the second year in a row.

Ruby Begonia and Paycheck finished just over two seconds apart in the second leg of Saturday's race. Ruby finished with a time of 1:30.50 and Paycheck clocked a time of 1:33.22.

Worthington captain Jodi Almberg says the high-energy Paycheck was pacing in his cage before the race and ready to go.

Chad Cummings of the Worthington team says it also helped that Paycheck stayed out of the crowd this year.

In contrast, Cuero coach Eric McCowan says the Texas bird spent too much time visiting with spectators.

McCowan is vowing that Cuero will have an older, faster, stronger bird next year.