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Steven Seagull finds love back in West Duluth

WEST DULUTH - For those of you who were wondering -- Steven Seagull has returned.

For eight years now, the ring-billed gull has returned to Duluth each spring to beg for cake doughnuts at the West Duluth Super 8 Motel. The gull long ago learned to tap at the lobby's front door until a staff member feeds him. To keep the food to himself, he typically chases other gulls away.

But this year he had a girlfriend with him, general manager Jodi Chambers said.

"He usually chases all the other birds away, but this one he would actually pick up pieces and bring them to her," she said. "But he wouldn't let her up to feed at the little pile. He had to bring them to her."

This was only the second year that he fed another gull, Chambers said.

"We're waiting until one of these days when we have his head at the door and a bunch of little heads next to him," Chambers said. "That's what we're hoping for."