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Browerville family complains about officer tasering their son

VERNDALE, Minn. - A Browerville, Minn., couple is asking officials here to discipline their police chief after he allegedly tasered their son three times, once in the groin, during a May incident.

Browerville and Verndale are located north of Alexandria, Minn., in central Minnesota.

Mark and Sheryl Christiansen have filed written complaints alleging that Verndale Police Chief Jeff Jares tasered their son Brandon after being called to the local liquor store about someone serving minors alcohol in the parking lot on May 22.

When police arrived they also administered a Breathalyzer test on Brandon, which showed that he was not over the legal limit to drive a vehicle.

After the test, the confrontation between Brandon Christiansen and Jares became a physical struggle. Sheryl Christiansen said her son was scared off by Jares and he attempted to run inside the bar where other people were for safety.

However, before he could get inside, Mark Christiansen said, Brandon was tasered three times, twice in the back and once in the groin, by Jares.

Another area police officer was called for assistance after the tasering, and that's when Brandon complained he had been tasered in the groin and asked for medical attention. He told police one of the probes had stuck in his groin. The other officer to arrive tried to check out Brandon Christiansen at the scene, but he allegedly told the officer he wouldn't get out of the squad car because he feared Jares.

The Christiansens accompanied their son to a June 1 Verndale City Council meeting where they rehashed Brandon's version of the evening.

Despite being in attendance that evening, Jares did not speak about the incident.

Sheryl Christiansen also complained that Jares has yet to give them a copy of his incident report because he says the case still is under investigation. Verndale Mayor Ardith Carr also had not seen the report, but said she wants to give Jares an opportunity to tell his side of the story.

The family is asking the city council to discipline Jares and also to pay for the medical bills Brandon incurred as a result of the alleged tasering.