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Jackson man allegedly ordered by girlfriend to humiliate and beat up man

JACKSON -- A Jackson man who allegedly assaulted another man told authorities his girlfriend had told him to humiliate the victim and beat him up.

Brian Wayne Westfall, 30, is charged in Jackson County District Court with first-degree burglary, terroristic threats and fifth-degree assault after allegedly going to the victim's home, hitting and body-slamming him and threatening to kill him.

According to the criminal complaint filed Monday, authorities were contacted at 10:30 p.m. Sunday by a man who said he had been assaulted by Westfall. When officers met with the victim, he had a cut and swelling over one eye, soiled clothing and scrapes on his knees and elbow.

The victim said that Westfall had come to his place of employment several weeks before the incident and threatened to beat him up because of contact between the victim and Westfall's ex-girlfriend. The victim said he spent time with the woman Friday night, which he believed prompted Westfall to assault him.

He said he heard a knock on his door and when he answered the door, Westfall allegedly came in and punched at him. Westfall put the victim in a chokehold, he said, then picked him up and body slammed him outside. The victim said Westfall told him if he ever saw him again, he would kill him.

Officers noted the marks in the dirt where the victim said he had been body-slammed and a dent in the siding where the door handle hit the siding. The entryway rug was pushed against the wall of the entryway.

The victim said he later got a text message from the woman asking if he was OK, so he replied with a message asking her if she had known Westfall was coming.

The officer went to Westfall's residence to speak to him about the altercation. Westfall stated they had exchanged words, but when the officer said the victim had a lot of bumps and bruises, Westfall said he had gone to the man's house and the victim had indicated he would "throw down" with him. Westfall said they fought outside and in the entryway of the house. He denied making any threats to kill the victim.

When Westfall was cuffed and put in a squad car, the officer then spoke to the woman, asking her if the incident was prompted by her date with the victim Friday. She stated that it was.

She told the officer the victim had humiliated her and was rude to her, and said Westfall had gone to the victim's house because she told him to. She said the victim made her feel bad, so she wanted to get back at him. When asked if she knew a fight would ensue, she admitted she knew Westfall was going there to fight and stated again she wanted Westfall to humiliate the victim.

When Westfall had been booked and read his rights, he agreed to speak again, but said he had told the officer everything. The officer said he had gotten stories from the three parties involved and they were all similar, but that Westfall had left out the part about the woman telling him to go beat up and humiliate the victim.

Westfall admitted the woman had asked him to go, and said he had forgotten to tell the officer that part when they spoke earlier.

Westfall's first court appearance is Monday. He faces a combined maximum penalty of 25 years and 90 days incarceration and/or $46,000 in fines.