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Motorcycle deaths have increased over past 2 years

Four motorcyclists have died and 28 have been injured in accidents in Minnesota within the past week.

In 2013, Minnesota motorcycle ridership has increased in the past two years and fatalities have also increased from 55 deaths in 2012 to 60 deaths in 2013 according to a recent press release by the Department of Public Safety.

There is a tendency to forget that bikers exist in Minnesota since they are only out riding for a few months of the year. The DPS is urging drivers to take extra caution while driving in the summer months. A few tips are to drive at safe speeds, give bikers more room while driving, watch blind spots where bikers can easily hide and not relying solely on mirrors to search for surrounding vehicles.

Likewise, the DPS is asking bikers to take extra safety precautions while out riding. They ask that bikers wear easily visible DOT-approved protective helmets and riding clothes, to ensure that bikers make eye contact with motorists before making a turn into traffic and to take extra classes to hone safety and crash avoidance skills.

The Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center offers educational training and licensing courses to help prevent motorcycle crashes. Classes, examinations, and additional information can be found at the nearest Department of Vehicle Services.