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Twins announce Schweigert Meats hot dogs for Target Field

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- What's old is new again at the Minnesota Twins new ballpark.

The team said today it will replace the popular Dome Dogs with the Original Twins Dog when it moves from the Metrodome to Target Field this season.

The Twins and Delaware North Sportservice say the Twins Dog made by Schweigert Meats is from the same recipe as the hot dogs served in the team's first ballpark, Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington. Schweigert, a subsidiary of Cargill Inc., will provide four different types of hot dogs, all made in Minnesota, at Target Field.

Besides the Twins Dog, Schweigert will offer a super-sized Big Dog, the Dugout Dog in a natural casing and the extra-long Dinger Dog at various locations around the stadium.

Schweigert's Minnesota roots date back to 1937.