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Flood-stranded farmer rescued in LqP County

A Minnesota State Trooper tied himself to an inflatable raft and waded through flood waters that were over his head at points to rescue an 86-year-old farmer who had become stranded after driving his tractor into this flooded field on Thursday. Submitted

MADISON -- A Minnesota State Trooper rescued an 86-year-old farmer who drove his tractor into a flooded field in Lac qui Parle County on Thursday.

First-year Trooper Kristopher Paluch roped himself to an inflatable raft and waded into the water to reach the farmer.

The water was over the trooper's head at points, according to information from the State Patrol on the incident.

The trooper freed the farmer and guided the raft from the flooded area.

A waiting Lac qui Parle County sheriff's deputy, responders from the Madison Fire Department and Ambulance Squad and bystanders were on hand to pull the two out.

The farmer was not injured but was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.

Lac qui Parle County Sheriff Dallas Schellberg said the rescue effort got under way after his office received a report of the flood-stranded farmer.

"The trooper put his life on the line to save this gentleman. We are proud of the combined response to this emergency," said Sheriff Schellberg.