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Minn. police SUV remains a grim reminder of death

MAPLEWOOD, Minn. (AP) -- The Maplewood police department faces an emotional decision over what to do with a vehicle in which an officer was fatally shot in May.

The $34,000 SUV runs fine. But it's the vehicle in which Sgt. Joseph Bergeron was sitting when one of two suspected carjackers shot him in the head.

Police Chief Dave Thomalla says there was no doubt the SUV would be removed from the police fleet. But it's unclear what options remain.

Thomalla says it won't be destroyed. It's insured, but since there's nothing mechanically wrong with it insurance won't pay anything.

Police could auction it or sell it to an out-of-state police agency, provided they can find a taker.

The Pioneer Press says the vehicle will at least have to remain in evidence until the alleged shooter is sentenced.