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Police: Duluth resident should stay home

Jim Hansen, Duluth Police spokesman, said the message from police is clear: Stay at home unless you are involved in an emergency.

"I'm not sure how much more clear we can be. Don't go out. Getting to work is not an emergency for most people,'' Hanson said. "We can't possibly list all of the closures that are out there -- it's changing too fast, with sinkholes and manholes blown and mudslides."

Calls to 911 should be for emergency purposes only, police stressed.

Heavy rainfall and flash floods have left some roads under water and have caused flooding, sinkholes, mudslides and open manholes.

Parts of Interstate 35 in Duluth are closed.

Many homes are reporting flooded basements.

The Duluth Police Department, Duluth Fire Department and city of Duluth staff are coordinating with local emergency crews.