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Canada and Mexico travel on June 1 will require passports or passport cards

Beginning June 1, all U.S. citizens traveling to Canada and Mexico by land or sea will be required to have U.S. passports or federal passport cards.

The passport cards or "pass cards" are less expensive wallet-size cards that resemble a driver's license.

A passport costs $100 for those 16 and older and $85 for those younger. Renewals are less.

A passcard costs $45 for those 16 and older ($25 if you have a passport) and $35 for those younger.

The passcard is valid for 10 years for those 16 and older and valid for 5 years for those younger.

North Dakotans may apply for this card at any one of 59 sites in the state, such as the Grand Forks County Office Building, county courthouses and post offices. For a list of sites that offer this service, log on to

A summary of the current and new rules may be found at, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Web site.

More information for U.S. citizens is available on the State Department's travel Web site,